Responsible storage

Jupiter Plus AS offers its clients quality services package for responsible storage of goods.

In our warehouses, the area of which totals 10'000 sq.m. (incl. 800 sq.m. of isothermal warehouse with permanent temperature 18°C all the year round), you can store your goods also in customs mode. Insurance coverage for your stored goods is 10M EUR.

The responsible storage of goods has gained widespread popularity and is now part of the storing process. The mutually signed responsible storage contract is an excellent opportunity to reduce the costs related to the maintenance of the warehouse. The saved amounts can be directed to develop other priority areas of your company.

By offering our clients the services of responsible storage, we undertake a series of obligations, which include the technical maintenance of the warehouse, buying special equipment, repairs and maintenance, assuring that the personnel observes the safety requirements and hiring security service.

Extensive experience in warehouse logistics and professional personnel guarantee that the handling of goods, starting from storage and finishing with the delivery to the customer, is operative and of high quality.

The reliability during the time specified in the contract, is guaranteed by well-organized warehouse inventory check and observance of the fire safety rules.

The advantages of responsible storage are obvious. We have already taken care of the following:

  • building and furnishing the warehouse
  • creating and maintaining our warehouse system
  • buying, maintaining and repairing the warehouse technique and loading devices
  • that you should only pay for the area and specific storage and handling services that are needed for your goods

he services of responsible storage are the only and optimal solution for all those, who wish the storage of their goods to be lawful and in accordance with all requirements and norms.