International road transport

A car, first put together in the end of 19th century, has become a vital part of our lives. It has lead to many qualitative changes in economic and social sphere. In social and economic aspect, road transport is the most commonly used mode of transport in all the countries of the world. It is also the most popular mode of transport among the service providers due to its several advantages — the speed of loading the goods, the protectiveness of the goods, mobility, reliability and a relatively favourable price.

Due to that, road transport is very common in international deliveries. It is highly preferred in case of transporting valuable goods. In this case it is the driver, who delivers the goods from the sender to the receiver. Another advantage is the speed. An average delivery speed in case of road transport is 16 km/h, in case of rail transport 8 km/h and in case of maritime transport 4 km/h. It includes the time necessary for customs and other necessary procedures.

Jupiter Plus has been in international transport business already for a number of years. By different means of road transport we offer all the transport and freight forwarding services and guarantee the client the best price-quality ratio, not to mention the confidence.

Our company owns a contemporary truck park and in addition to transport as such, we shall see that the necessary transit documents, insurance policies and other legal accompanying documents would be prepared. Our experienced managers optimize the shipment routes and conditions. They check and monitor the whole supply process, while trying to reduce the transport costs. Thanks to satellite and mobile networks it is possible for you to receive information about the location of your cargo any time you wish.

Our company provides international road transport for the following priority directions:

  • Eastern and Western European countries
  • Scandinavia and the Baltic states
  • Middle East countries
  • the CIS countries
For international road transport we use tent trailers and semi-trailers with the capacity of 60–120 m3, as well as containers and refrigerating containers. Carriages include the following services:

  • international shipments from any country in the world
  • loading and unloading the cargo, consolidating and storing it
  • different warehouse services, e.g. sorting, packing, labelling etc.
  • customs clearance
  • additional insurance
  • two drivers, so that no stops are needed in order to deliver speedy consignments

and much more.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the market of international road transport, our company has obtained extensive practical experiences in the specific area and we are able to confront even the hardest assignments. Our work is guided by the best international experiences in transport, we value our clients and strive for long-term partnership. Due to that, individual approach and strict observance of the norms of ethics and professionalism is an intrinsic part of our work.

By trusting your cargo with us, you can be sure of the reliability of our personnel and means of transport.