Rail transport

Rail transport should be chosen when you wish the optimal price-quality ratio.

Rail transport is suitable for shipping different cargo, but it is primarily intended for shipping large amounts of industrial raw material for long distances. Rail transport is also a good solution for regions where the road network is not well developed. This type of transport is less affected by weather conditions and compared to other types of transport, it is the cheapest, most reliable and comfortable type of transport with the smallest rate of accidents. Jupiter Plus AS organizes all types of rail transport for Russia and the CIS countries (including the republics of Central Asia) and monitors the shipments.

Rail transport can be provided in several ways:

    Wagon transport
  • Wagon transport enables the shipment of all standard cargo. There are three types of wagons — closed wagons, semi-wagons and platforms.
  • Container transport — our main means of rail transport
  • Container transport enables cargo transport in containers. The advantage of containers is their universality. They can be wholly reloaded to continue the transport by sea or road.
In case of partial or full international rail transport loads, Jupiter Plus AS offers a full custom clearance service. Additionally, we offer all other services accompanying rail transport, for instance, packaging of the cargo, labelling, insurance, reloading from sea containers to rail containers and confirmation of the cargo.

Rail transport has proved to be one of the safest, most comfortable and accessible type of transport.