Less than container load (LCL)

In case the amount of transported cargo is too small to ship it economically with separate vehicle or container, our company is the best solution, because we also provide piece goods transport. Unlike in case of usual sea transport, the international LCL collects the piece goods of several customers into one transport device. The knowledge of the specifics of this type of sea transport enables us to diminish the supply time and considerably decrease the cost of the transport, because in this case you should pay only for the real weight and volume of your cargo. And in the end this is what gives you a considerable advantage over your competitors.

The consolidating of our goods takes place in modern logistics centres, equipped with up-to-date goods processing devices, in European Union, in the Baltic states and China, where it is possible to prepare the customs documents without leaving the warehouse. With the help of our extensive partners network, we prepare all types of export-import documents for goods — EX1, T1 and T2 declarations, TIR carnets, CMR contracts and other necessary documents. We also conduct research and independent expertise and all the goods handling services.

LCL transport has several stages:

  • transport of goods to the interim warehouse
  • warehouse procedures: handling and storage (inventory check, THC and, if necessary, weighing the goods, additional packaging, collecting and sorting the goods)
  • consolidating the goods according to directions
  • preparing the necessary documents
  • transport of piece goods to destination warehouse
  • customs clearance
  • immediate delivery of goods to the destination

This type of transport is not suitable for shipping goods that are sensitive to temperature.