How did it all begin...

The times when foreign caravans delivered goods from different corners of the world have long gone. The keywords of contemporary world include progressive engineering, development of nanotechnology, mobile communication and satellite navigation. Due to that, the distance between the continents has decreased and the products of different countries can be seen all over the world.
The road the goods have to pass through to get to the counter is much more difficult than of the road that the customer has to pass to get the goods (home — car — parking lot in front of the shop). Although technical progress has changed the modern business world unrecognizably, nothing compensates for high professionalism and responsibility for your actions.

Everyday work of people in logistics includes working out the optimal routes, preparing the necessary documents, monitoring the regulated processes, communication and cooperation with intermediaries. It also includes consolidating and handling the goods, monitoring their position and delivering them duly to the end user. This is just a short description of our work and duties, but this is what helps us to stay in competition.

The company, based on private capital, was established in 1990. Jupiter Plus AS aimed to offer transport services for goods in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Russia and Ukraine. During the years we have significantly extended our operating area and our limits are now set by our clients.

But not only has our operating area extended. When in 1990 we only had one vehicle and a small office in a rental room, then today, thanks to 20 years of continuous work, we have survived all the crises in the world, gained priceless experience and increased the turnover — and not only the financial turnover. Today we have more than 50 transport vehicles, which include EURO 3 to EURO 5 vehicles, 60–120 cube meters trailers and semi-trailers, container vehicles and vehicles with refrigeration equipment. The surface of our warehouses is more than 10,000 sq.m and they are insured for 10 million Euros.

A large number of our executives and drivers have worked for our company for over 10 years. It is due to the synergy and cooperation of our employees, operational effectiveness and reliable customer service that makes Jupiter Plus AS one of the most fast-growing transport companies in the Baltic states. We pay close attention to retaining the high level of our specialists both in transport sphere and freight forwarding. Our efforts have repeatedly been acknowledged by competent authorities. In 1997 and 2007 we received the 3rd and 2nd place in list of the top transport companies of Äripäev, which is the top economic publication in Estonia. We also received a 4th place in general estimation of Pärnu companies in 2007 and reliability certificate Successful Estonian Company with AA rating by Krediidiinfo in 2008.

We have over a hundred of different clients, representing the different industries and market segments. They all have full access to all of our resources. For each client we guarantee a full range of services, individual approach, a project manager, high-level service and top results. The goods have to be delivered to the destination in one piece and with agreed budget. Our aim is to make our customers feel unique and to allow them fully concentrate on their work and to forget all the difficulties that accompany the shipment of goods.

We would like to see you as one of our clients and we contribute to be worthy of your time and means.

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