Air transport

According to statistics, air transport forms only 1.3% of all different types of transport, but its overall value is 10%. This justifies the shipment of express and valuable deliveries (precious metals, high-technology equipment, jewels, highly perishable goods etc), despite the fact that the rates of air transport are the highest. The main advantage of using air transport is the speedy delivery of goods.

Additionally, air transport has practically no geographical limits. It enables to deliver the goods quickly to the regions most distant and hard to reach, at the same time assuring that the goods are well preserved. Shipment of piece goods enables to reduce the transport costs. Due to that, air transport is also available to small companies.

In case you decide to choose air transport, make sure to pay special attention to the following aspects:

    Package requirements
  • There are no strict requirements for packages in case of air transport. It can be a carton fixed with adhesive tape, a bag, a box or any other package. The package should help to protect the goods and eliminate the possibility of the goods being damaged during loading or transport (strikes, rainfall). The package also helps to assure the intactness of the content of the goods. The package should not have sharp protruding parts that can damage the interior of the plane. The packages must be provided with the labels containing information about the sender and the receiver and, if necessary, labels like “Fragile”, “UP” etc should be added. According to the Air Transport Code, the sender of the goods is responsible for the package.

  • Restrictions on the size and weight of the goods
  • There are no restrictions for the minimal size and weight of the goods. Consignments with weight over 80 kg are handled as heavy goods, which, in most cases, means higher transport rates. The maximal allowed weight per package is 200 kg, unless otherwise agreed. The gross weight and volume of one batch is limited only with the size of the plane’s cargo area. The cargo areas and hatches of planes may differ. So, if you have any questions related to the allowed cargo limits, please contact our specialists.
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