Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

For years, Jupiter Plus AS has specialised on shipping dangerous goods (ADR). During this time the company has proved to be a trustworthy partner, who can guarantee a wide range of quality services for shipping dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods include substances and materials that are dangerous due to their physical and chemical properties and that are subject to special precautionary measures during transportation. The transport of especially dangerous goods is executed according to regulations, observing the necessary safety requirements. All those measures, regulations and requirements must not be overlooked. Due to their properties and characteristics, dangerous and especially dangerous substances and materials may cause significant, often irreparable damage to the environment and may pose threat to people’s health and life. The damage may occur in case of unconformity with the safety requirements and/or due to lack of professionalism.

Dangerous substances may be potentially explosive, highly flammable, poisonous and/or cause corrosion. Due to that they cannot be transported without observing the special requirements and without the specific package, proper placement and fastening. Additionally, the dangerous goods can be especially dangerous if different dangerous substances with different properties are transported together, for instance, poisonous and flammable substances. Their concurrence and contact with the surrounding environment can lead to extremely tragic consequences. This is why the transport of dangerous goods must involve special means of transport and qualified personnel.

  • We have all the necessary licences for road transport of dangerous goods.
  • Our means of transport are reliable and of high quality. All of our vehicles may transport dangerous goods, including the goods belonging to class 1.
  • Our personnel has undergone special training. All our drivers have the ADR certificate and our managers have undergone the training of supplying and storing dangerous goods.

Our primary and immediate task is to minimize the possible risks, be aware of all the aspects of our profession and be a responsible transport company, both socially and ecologically. We can transport dangerous goods properly!

The main directions:

  • major destinations in Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg
  • all EU member states
  • the non-EU member states in Eastern and Western Europe