Shipment of oversized goods

First the terms and definitions have to be clarified. Oversized goods are the goods, which measurements or weight exceed the maximum allowed requirements. Oversized goods can be classified as follows:

  • project based carriages (the geometrical size and weight of the cargo will not allow to transport it on public roads and roads that pass through settled areas)
  • oversized carriages (one of the geometrical parameters exceed the allowed limits: length — 20 m, width — 2.55 m, height — 4 m)
  • long carriages (the length of the goods exceed the length of the vehicle for more than 30%)
  • heavy carriages (weight of the goods together with the vehicle exceeds 38 t)

Standard technique and traditional shipping modes are not suitable for transporting oversized cargo. In most cases the transportation of such cargo is complicated and time-consuming and needs the implementation on special methods, professional know-how, extensive experience and the help of professional engineers. Our professional engineers are at your service. Our aim is to assure that for you the transport of oversized cargo would not differ form any usual transport. We do our best to guarantee the transport of both heavy and long cargo, providing different means of transport in any route, if the task is principally possible. Additionally, we prepare the customs documents and provide all the accompanying services for oversized cargo.

The classification of oversized goods includes the following: sailing ships and yachts, construction and road construction equipment, drilling devices and equipment, power and production machines, career and shaft transport, parabolic antennas, soil processing machines, generators, derrick cranes, towers and much more.

Our specialists are able to guarantee the international transport of your cargo, including oversized cargo, to any distance comfortably and safely.