Sea transport

Sea transport, that uses contemporary ships with different displacement rates, is the most popular solution for the transportation of large consignments between the continents. This type of transport is extremely reliable and it is very cost effective. But at the same time it is the most time consuming means of transport. The supply period may even be 30–40 days. Despite that, the sea transport is continually developing — its volume has doubled during the past 15 years.

Our company offers a full pack of services for intercontinental sea transport, which includes:

  • multimodal sea transport
  • sea transport of extraordinarily heavy, big and long consignments
  • sea transport of agricultural machines with wheels and treads and shipment of other industrial equipment
  • shipping of loose consignments in ”large bags”, also shipping piece goods in boxes or bags, on pallets or bunches
  • customs clearance in starting and destination ports
  • cargo insurance for the time of sea transport
  • services in both the starting and later in the destination port