Management of multimodal projects

Project management is a field of activity that first determines the goals and then tries to achieve them considering the volume of work, resources (time, money, materials, energy, room etc), quality and potential risks that are entailed with more difficult projects. The key to successful project management is a predetermined schedule, minimized risks and flexibility (unlike process, functional management and service level management).

Sometimes it is not possible to deliver your goods operatively and according to standards by using only one type of transport. Every mode of transport — rail, land, air and maritime transport —has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our task is to consider the positive sides of every mode of transport and, according to the existing data, develop the most effective system to deliver your goods anywhere with optimal speed and price.

Multimodal transport includes responsibility throughout the transport chain. The usage of several modes of transport assumes the involvement of specialists, who should fulfil their duties with greatest care, because the end results depend on their work.

Our duty is to coordinate the work of all the participating units (different transporters, warehouses, terminal services), to prepare all the necessary customs documents, insurance and to offer a full legal support throughout the process. All this is possible only when the transport company has extensive and in-depth knowledge about the nuances of its sector and years of experience in this field. Our competent specialists attend closely that the documents would be properly filled and that the cooperation of the transporters of your goods would go smoothly.

Almost at every point of delivery it is possible to store the goods and deliver them by using door-to-door delivery services.

Jupiter Plus AS guarantees the reliable delivery of the goods and is fully responsible for the whole transport chain:

  • monitoring the route of goods and delivery dates
  • different methods for handling and reloading the goods
  • preparing the necessary transport documents
  • coordinating the work of all the units participating in the process
  • door-to-door delivery