A list of necessary accompanying documents for transportation of goods in Russia

Main documents
    Delivery not
  • Delivery note is the main document of transport that is issued by the sender. It includes the delivery route and the data about the truck and the driver. It lists the transported goods, their volume, weight and cost. The delivery note also provides the list of additional documents. The delivery note must bear an original stamp and it must be issued in four copies (for the sender, for the receiver, for the carrier and the last one is used to calculate the cost of transport and it will be added to the invoice).
  • Carriage document
  • A document necessary for the carrier. It is issued by the transport company.
  • A contract between the sender (receiver) and carrier (freight forwarder)
  • or a copy of a contract approved by one party. The carriage document determines the act of transport by the specific carrier. The carriage document can be replaced by an authorization, which is issued to the driver by the sender/receiver. The carriage document will also be confirmed with original stamp.

Additional documents
  • Delivery notes of goods will be added in case the general delivery note does not have the complete list of the transported goods.
  • Quality and conformity certification and the passport of goods will be added, if it is determined by the nature of the goods.
  • The contract between the supplier and the buyer and the invoice are not obligatory, but they are often included with the documents to avoid potential misunderstandings with the traffic police.

Documents of the vehicle

The driver must carry the following documents:

  • driver’s licence or temporary driver’s licence
  • registry documents of the truck and the trailer and the technical inspection card
  • document determining the ownership, authorisation for use or instructions
  • copy of the contract with the driver, in case the latter is not the owner of the vehicle
  • insurance policy of the owner of the truck (Motor Third Party Liability insurance)
  • in case of food transport the sanitary passport of the vehicle