ISO standards for AdBlue solution

ISO standards for AdBlue solution

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ISO 22241-1. AUS 32 (AdBlue) quality requirements

Determines the qualitative properties of AdBlue, which are necessary for the SCR systems of the vehicles. This is the most recent international standard. The present standard replaces the previous DIN 70070 standard.

ISO 22241-2. Test methods

Describes the testing methods that are used to determine the qualitative properties of AdBlue. This standard replaces the previous DIN 70071 standard.

ISO/DIS 22241-3. Handling, transportation and storing

Describes the way to handle AdBlue solution. The document is similar to the QAGD instruction of CEFIC.

ISO 22241-4. Refilling interface

Describes the elements related with the filling device.

Technical requirements for aqueous urea solution (AUS 32) in vehicles according to ISO 22241-1.


Qualities Unit of measurement Minimal Maximal
Urea content % of mass 31.8 33.2
Alkaline quality, NH3 % of mass 0,2
Urea % 0,3
Insoluble substances mg/kg 20
Aldehyde mg/kg 5
Phosphate (PO4) mg/kg 0,5
Aluminium mg/kg 0,5
Calcium mg/kg 0,5
Iron mg/kg 0,5
Copper mg/kg 0,2
Zinc mg/kg 0,2
Chromium mg/kg 0,2
Nickel mg/kg 0,2
Magnesium mg/kg 0,5
Sodium mg/kg 0,5
Potassium mg/kg 0,5
Density at 20 ˚C kg/m3 1087,0 1093,0
Refractive index at 20 ˚C 1,3814 1.3843
Identity Identical