A 24-year-old transport company
The company, based on private capital, was established in 1990. Jupiter Plus AS aimed to offer transport services for goods in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Russia and Ukraine. During the years we have significantly extended our operating area and our limits are now set by our clients.

Road transport

Priority directions: the CIS countries, Middle East countries, Scandinavia and the Baltic states, Eastern and Western European countries. For international road transport we use our own 55 vehicles, including tent trailers and semi-trailers with the capacity of 60–120 cube m., containers and refrigerating containers.

Responsible storage

Total area of our well-organized warehouses exceeds 10'000 sq.m., incl. 800 sq.m. of isothermal warehouse with permanent temperature 18°C all the year round. Insurance coverage for your stored goods is 10M EUR. We can store goods in customs more and liable to store also oversized and dangerous goods.

Multimodal projects

Door-to-door delivery with full responsibility for the whole transport chain, including monitoring the route of goods and delivery dates, any methods for handling and reloading the goods, preparing the necessary transport documents and coordinating the work of all the units participating in the process.

Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

For years, Jupiter Plus AS has specialised on shipping dangerous goods (ADR). During this time the company has proved to be a trustworthy partner, who can guarantee a wide range of quality services for shipping dangerous goods.
Less then container load transport

There are a number of dignified and upright companies among our partners in transport and logistics sector, who operate in our neighbourhood and in more distant countries. They are all good and unique in their own way, but our company has some obvious advantages. Here are just a few of them…
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  Monday, 02.02
-10..-2   Night: Cloudy with clear spells. Some snow in places. Southeast, south wind 4-10, on islands in gusts 14 m/s. Air temperature -2..-8, locally to -10C. Day: Cloudy with clear spells. Some snow in places. Southeast, south wind 4-10, on islands in gusts 14 m/s. Air temperature 0..-5C.
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